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Compartmental Criteria  
  • There will be no compartmental Exam up to STD-V.
  • Any student who fails to secure 35% marks in a major subject but gets minimum 20% marks or above in it and at the time, secures 35% marks in the aggregate will be treated as compartmental candidate provided that the maximum number of subjects he/she fails to qualify is not more than two.
  • A compartmental candidate is allowed to sit in the next higher class provisionally till he/she secures pass mark in the compartmental test, which will be held as per the schedule to be decided by the school on the date of result declaration of Annual Examination, failing which, he/she will be advised to repeat in the previous class.
  • A child is required to take all the tests / examinations.
  • In case of sickness, during examination days, leave will be granted on submission of application along with medical certificate. Leave applications submitted after examinations shall not be considered. Whatever the case may be if a candidate fails to take his examinations he will be given zero mark.
  • If any candidate is found guilty of using unfair means during the examination, he/she will be given zero in that paper. At the same time, if such case of unfair means is repeated by the same candidate he/she will be given TC by the school.
  • The test dates given are fixed by the school after considering all aspects. Hence, they are not liable to be changed. No test shall be repeated.