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Interhouse Activities  
To create an environment of healthy competition and team spirit, most of the school activities are governed by the House system. The school has a fixed schedule of Inter-House competitions. The CBSE backed CCA presents opportunities for students to showcase their talent. The academic session is punctuated with competitions in the field of :-
1) a) General Knowledge b) Debate  c) Speech  d) Story- Telling  e) Singing  f) Essay Writing        g)  Poetry Writing  h)  Drawing  i)  Calligraphy j) Mono-acting  k) Rangoli   l) House board       m)  Aptitude tests (Maths and English)
2) Seminars:- 
The seminars meant for +2 students create a platform for them to sharpen their skills as they interact at an intellectual level. Besides, they also help students to prepare themselves for similar assignments in future.
3) Sports:-
Sporting activities are held throughout the session to instill in students a sense of healthy competition and team spirit. Every class has a P. Ed period every week, where the students get a taste of games like football, cricket, volleyball, badminton etc. The Annual Sports Day is organized every year in December/ January.